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Turn Key Project:

  • Design and Development
  • Fabrication, Shipping, and Installation
  • Lighting Design and Direction


  • Vertical 86” monitor array on Main Set
  • Center 98” monitor on Main Set
  • (2) 86” touchscreen monitors in Weather Area
  • 3 x 3, 55” videowall in interview background
  • 65” monitor in interview set
  • 3 x 3, 55” videowall standup area
  • Color changing LED accent lighting throughout the set areas

WOIO 19 NEWS, Cleveland Ohio

WOIO was recently acquired by GRAY TV and they quickly made some upgrades throughout the station. BDI was asked to design and construct an entirely new studio news environment.

A large main set features an anchor island with color changing desk accents and a surrounding background of large vertical monitors to display the Cleveland skyline.

Large videowalls and other displays around the studio create multiple presentation venues in almost every corner direction.

The Weather area was very important to WOIO and upon receiving the Facility floorplan, BDI immediately suggested utilizing a large square room adjacent to the studio, with direct door access as a working weather office for the 4 meteorologists and 2 traffic people. This idea was quickly embraced and added valuable studio space for weather and traffic presentation areas while preserving a very clean look. The new design integrates two 86” touchscreens side by side so that weather and traffic can interact with each other for the commute segments. In the gap between the monitors is a window that looks into the working weather room with a frosted 19 logo on it. This gives depth and a glimpse into the behind the scenes activity of the storm trackers. A new 3×3 videowall venue was also added.

This studio operates with fixed location PTZ cameras which are mounted on steel posts up to the lighting grid. Design for fixed cameras creates a geometry exercise which takes a lot of pre-planning to map out exact locations for the 9 cameras and various desired camera shots.

One of the highlights of the set integrating local iconography was our creation of the “Cleveland coffee table” in the large interview set which includes the famous “Cleveland” script sculpture design. The station received permission from the Cleveland Visitors Bureau, who were happy to see it displayed on the local 19 News!
Photography by Block Light Shoot, LLC-Nicholas Hutak

Our special thanks to Erik, Ian, Brian, Bob K. and all of the WOIO Team who contributed greatly to this project.

Lighting Design and Direction by Block Light Shoot, LLC-Nicholas Hutak
Photography by Block Light Shoot, LLC-Nicholas Hutak

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