KMSP-Minneapolis, MN

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Turn Key Project:

  • Design and Development
  • Fabrication, Shipping and Installation
  • Lighting Design and Direction


  • Center 1.87mm pixel pitch LED video display
  • (2×2) videowall, 43” monitors
  • (5×3) videowall, 55” monitors
  • 75” monitor on a mobile cart
  • 65” monitor on a mobile cart
  • 65” vertical monitor

Priority One was to create a set that had REAL depth and “ glass rooms” as well as special shooting locations throughout the set.  On KMSP’s prior set, they had an anchor desk parked in front of a wide videowall which created a very flat feel, even on cross shots.  The BDI approach was to center a large LED video display videowall but add deep side areas with long sightlines and multiple layers of venues. The set layers continue 35 ft. behind the anchor desk and include surfaces of diffused windows with aluminum frames, brick, wood and concrete with passage ways that lend to the depth. BDI also designed some special “bonus venues” such as a small control room at the very back of the set, and mobile monitors which can be rolled to midship spaces.

Second priority was to create a design and space unlike anything in the Minneapolis / St. Paul market.  Unique in look and yet very functional with walk-up standing positions that allow movement around the set while still maintaining a home base.  This set shoots 300 degrees around the circular anchor island. There is a large videowall at camera left that visually leads to the “photo gallery”, a long, deep space which has tremendous depth and showcases black and white photos of the MSP skyline with color changing lighting for different times of day or show segment. BDI moved and refurbished the existing weather workspace and gave it personality with diffused frosted windows with the FOX Searchlight pattern.

It was a pleasure to execute this project with the KMSP team and they are extremely happy with the results !

Special thanks to:

  • Lighting Design and Direction by The Power of Lighting-Bill Holshevnikoff

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