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Long Time Coming!

Turn Key Project: 53’ x 54’ Studio

  • Design and Development
  • Fabrication, Shipping and Installation


  • 55” Primeview 5 wide x 3 high (center background)
  • 55” Primeview 3 wide x 3 high (presentation wall)
  • 55” Primeview 2 wide x 2 high vertical monitors in tower
  • 80” Touchscreen in weather center
  • 65” Vertical monitor in weather center
  • (3) 55” monitors in the on-air green room
  • 6mm pixel pitch LED video display in the weather center
  • 75” Monitor in the interview area
  • 9mm pixel pitch curved LED video display in the anchor desk
  • Color changing LED light boxes and accent lighting

CBS wanted to upgrade their major O&O’s and create a consistent look across the country. After upgrading the number two market in the country, KCBS in Los Angeles, BDI would go on to design other CBS O&O’s. BDI continued this new look with a few custom twists in each market to make it their own.  The consistent look included either a (4×3) or (5×3) 55” LCD video wall directly behind the talent. A (3×3) 55” video wall was designed to be used as backdrop for the sports and special reports anchors from the desk. This video wall also provides transitional camera shots from the co-anchors to standing talent at the display for impressive presentations. Along with these video canvases a comfortable interview set was designed with custom plex shelving as the backdrop to feature nostalgic elements to showcase the long successful history of CBS Broadcasting.

At WJZ,  BDI added a glassed in on-air green room that provides guests a comfortable area to relax before being introduced onto the set. We added a new Weather Center with an 80” touch screen monitor and a 65” vertical monitor for traffic and social media. A video tower between the anchor desk and weather center was added for showcasing additional information. All of this was done with a clean, contemporary look that featured color changing accents throughout the set for flexibility.

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