TV Azteca-Mexico City, MX

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TV Azteca Remake

Turn Key Project: 64 ft x 48.5 ft 3,100 sq ft 360 degrees

  • Design and Development
  • Fabrication, Shipping and Installation
  • Technology (LED Video)
  • Lighting Design and Direction


  • Over 42 sq meters of P1.9 Flexible LED tiles
  • 26 sq meters of P3.0 LED tiles
  • Smart Touch projection touch screen
  • LED RGBA Lightboxes and background accent lighting

TV Azteca, being a client of BDI for over 15 years, approached us about a concept they wanted to do in one of their larger studios and invited us to Mexico City to begin the process.
TV Azteca has three major shows they produce daily and wanted to incorporate all three in this one studio. A morning news show with dual anchors and an interview area that would seat additional hosts and guests for a three-hour show. Next was a mid-day news program called Meridiano which features dual anchors and standup reporters. This set needed to be very different from the morning news and have a very warm and inviting feel. Lastly the main evening news set called Noche, would feature a single anchor that uses his news Command Center and numerous venues for presentation.
We began by discussing the latest technologies in curved seamless LED video because of their desire to have large seamless video displays to change looks over time as well as throughout the day. They also wanted to feature Augmented Reality and needed a space to display this technology that made sense to the viewer. A see-through projection based touch screen was incorporated into the Command Center glass top for interaction with the large displays behind this area. A Google trending screen that would feature main news stories throughout Mexico was also designed into the center main backdrop of the command center. Lastly, we incorporated a variety of color changing backgrounds to add to their graphics packages and change of scenes throughout the day.

Special thanks to:
Block Light Shoot, LLC, Nick Hutak, lighting design and direction.
Odeka Construction

Newscast Studio Q&A Link:


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