WPVI (ABC O&O) Philadelphia, PA-USA

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Philly Video Palace

Turn key Project: 80’x51’ studio

  • Design and Development
  • Fabrication, Shipping and Installation
  • Lighting Design and Direction


  • 55” LCD videowall, 6 wide x 3 high, main set
  • 55” LCD videowall, 3 wide x 3 high, multi-purpose
  • 55” LCD videowall, 4 wide x 3 high, weather area
  • (3) 55” LCD monitors in weather
  • 82” touchscreen monitor
  • (2) 75” vertical monitors
  • (2) 3.9mm pixel pitch, curved LED video displays, weather area
  • 2.5mm pixel pitch, curved LED display in anchor desk
  • Color changing lightboxes and accent lights


The ABC O&O, WPVI, in Philadelphia, debuted their new set in June of 2017. With the need for multiple presentation venues it was time for WPVI to provide their viewers with a new set environment. BDI’s goal was to create a set that would be fully versatile, and change looks from morning to night. With large video displays and WPVI graphics the new on-air look showcases their talent now and well into the future.

The Weather Center was the number one priority. BDI focused on the relationship shots to the Weather Center from the anchor desk. A weather update desk features the working Weather Center in the background with hi-tech visuals. All the features of this first-class Weather Center showcase the meteorologists’ skills at preparing the forecast and gathering the latest information for their viewers. The highlight of the Weather Center is a 4×3 (55”) LED video wall. Adjacent to that, is an 84” touch screen that can be used for Weather, Traffic and other segments of the newscast. There is ample room for immersive graphics in front of the video wall.

The custom anchor island provides seating for single anchor with Sports and Weather as well as dual anchor with Sports and Weather standing on each side. The background for the anchor desk is a large 6×3 (55”) LCD video wall that serves to highlight iconic scenery from the Philadelphia area as well as graphics.

Stage right is a multi-purpose venue with a 3×3 (55”) LCD video wall that can be used for sports, special reports and anything in between. The video wall is positioned for a relationship shot from the anchor desk and can toss to the on-air talent at the wall very easily. It can also serve as a backdrop from the sports location at the desk. Screen left of the video wall are two vertical 75” LCD monitors. This area works great for social media and as another story telling resource while walking from the video wall to this area. The multi-purpose area also works for other segments such as sports shows, demos and performance.


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