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Windy City Launch!

Turn Key Project: 92’ x 48’ Studio

  • Design and Development
  • Fabrication, Shipping and Installation Supervision


  • 55” Primeview, 4 wide x 3 high (center background)
  • 55” Primeview 3 wide x 3 high (presentation wall)
  • 55” Primeview 1 wide x 2 high (Weather tower)
  • 90” Touchscreen in Weather Center
  • 65” Vertical monitor in Weather Center
  • 90” monitor in Interview Area
  • Color changing LED lightboxes and accent light

CBS wanted to upgrade their major O&O’s and create a consistent look across the country. After upgrading the number two market in the country, KCBS in Los Angeles, BDI would go on to design other O&O’s. BDI continued this new look with a few custom twists in each market to make it their own.  The consistent look included either a (4×3) or (5×3) 55” LCD video wall directly behind the talent. A (3×3) 55” video wall designed to be used as backdrop for the sports and special reports anchors from the desk. The 3×3 video wall also provides transitional camera shots from the co-anchors to standing talent at the wall for impressive presentations. Along with these video canvases a comfortable interview set was designed in some of these locations with custom shelving as the backdrop to feature nostalgic elements to showcase the long successful history of CBS broadcasting.

At WBBM  along with these displays we added a new Weather Center with a touch a screen monitor and a vertical video tower for showcasing additional information. The Weather Center functions for both traffic and weather. All of this was done with a clean, contemporary look that featured color changing accents throughout the set for flexibility.

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