SMG-STV-Shanghai, China

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520 square meter studio

Turn Key Project:

  • Design and Development
  • Fabrication, International Shipping and Installation
  • Lighting Design and Direction


  • High resolution LED Video Displays, some on moving tracks
  • Multiple LCD video walls and single displays, some on moving tracks
  • Semi-transparent LED Video display wrapped around glass elevators
  • Augmented Reality used throughout the multiple set areas
  • LED Color Changing Lightboxes and background accent lighting

The STV studio area is located on a mezzanine surrounding an open atrium. Sister network Dragon TV is located on the floor below, with two floors of office space above.
The centerpiece of the design is a sculptural 2-sided custom anchor desk. The main news side of the desk is placed in front of railing that separates the studio area from the open atrium. Across from this open space is a working control room, LED video wall, and a round sculptural semi-transparent LED display with frosted plex panels that surrounds the buildings glass elevators.
The two-sided design of the desk means the layout is flipped when viewed from the opposite side. The alternate side of the anchor desk shoots into an interview set background and views of other set areas. There are suspended videowalls on each side of the anchor desk for use as OTS elements, toss shots and live interviews
The large interview set features large windows with LED video displays and color changing artistic columns. A third venue combines a large walk and talk LCD videowall and foreground tracking LED displays for multi-purpose programming. In addition to the impressive scenic elements, STV also augments the hard scenery with digital additions through the use of augmented reality technology, include rotating rings and a digital clock-style countdown clock that floats around the anchor desk. Other virtual elements include covering the control room view with graphics.

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