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Contemporary Style in the Pacific Northwest

Turnkey Project

  • Design & Development
  • Fabrication,Shipping and Installation


  • Panoramic seamless LED video display, 4mm resolution
  • (2) Large video walls:
  • 49” LCD Primeview, 3 wide x 3 high
  • 55” LCD Primeview, 3 wide x 3 high
  • 55” LCD Touchscreen
  • Color changing LED lightboxes and accent lighting

Tribune Broadcasting Q13 FOX/KCPQ in Seattle launched a new studio design on Monday, February 29th. The studio designed by BDI, will be Q13’s window to the Northwest; bringing Northwest imagery right into the studio with a view that will change each day as well as seasonally.

“Seattle’s status as a world leader in technology is well known but the unique beauty of the Northwest’s trees, water and mountains draws people here as well. That is why we chose to incorporate both attributes in our new studio which is technologically advanced and a reflection of the amazing communities we call home” said SVP, Pam Pearson.

Two large, interactive videowalls will allow viewers to see exactly what is going on in their neighborhoods and how it will affect them. This allows Q13 to provide urgent and useful information that viewers can quickly absorb and act on. This set was designed with that mission in mind.

At Q13, authenticity and camaraderie have long been among the station’s greatest strengths. The open flow of the new space encourages the on-air talent to interact and share both their expertise and enthusiasm, giving them the physical space they need to work together seamlessly and efficiently to better inform the community.

When there is breaking news, multiple angles can be explored. Reporters can share information and images from the scene, experts can weigh in, and the social media team can quickly relay viewers’ insights. There will be room for honest discussion, and people at home will get a full picture of how each story will impact them.

Said News Director, Erica Hall, “As we move into what is really a meeting space for our passionate journalists and expert contributors, Q13 News has a renewed sense of purpose and a sharpened focus which can only translate into better ways to serve our local viewers with all the news, weather, traffic and moments from a team you want to spend time with.”

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